Wesco Designer Series Custom Bedspreads

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  • Hand-guided OUTLINE, PATTERN-QUILTED OR TWINKLE TACKING superior workmanship. Outline is no additional charge.
  • 12 ounce bonded polyester fiber fill is standard. 6 oz. is available upon special request. Smaller quilting patterns must be used with 6 oz. fill. 12 oz. spreads can be heavy and if weight is a concern, we recommend 6 oz.
  • Larger quilting patterns and 6 oz. fill must be used on antique satin fabrics (Wes Sutherland, Wes Satinette, Wes Savoir). A white poly/cotton lining is standard.
  • A polyester thread is used, that will blend with most color fabrics. Some fabric patterns may require threads suitable to the design.
  • All spreads and coverlets have a 2" hem, serged and blindstitched. Other options are available.
  • Comforters have a pillowcased edge so they can be reversed.
  • Fabric panels are sewn together before quilting, assuring you of pattern matching at the seams.
  • Bedspreads and coverlets have pillow tucks, comforters do not.
  • Filling over 6 ounces is not recommended on coverlets with drops under 13" or fitted bedspreads with gussets.
  • Dry cleaning is recommended for all quilted products.
  • Sheer, casement and other similar fabrics are not recommended for bedspreads.
  • Custom products have a tolerance of 1" in width and length.

Customer's Own Material can be used on all Custom Bedspreads (subject to workroom approval). If the "Up, Down, Front and Back" of the fabric patterns are not specified, it will be up to the workroom's discretion. Also, specify the name, color, pattern repeat, width and source of the fabric on your order.

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